Free, child-friendly, parent-approved lessons on World Religions and Spirituality            for curious young souls 

Accompanying PlayBook for activities to go with the lessons can be purchased here

Book for adults - contains the scripts of all the videos - can be purchased here

Our lessons are in storytelling format, with photographs to enhance the stories. 

We want what's best for our children. We plan nutrition, we decide what play groups to join, we monitor their physical growth, we drive them to sports and Scouts, and we provide stimulation for intellectual development. How can we possibly fit religious training into our lives? 

The answer is right here:

We Are All Neighbors interfaith lessons for children  


We Are All Neighbors addresses religion and spirituality. The program is based on the belief that all religions have truth in them and that no single religion can claim to have the only truth.


Most classes are less than ten minutes long. Ideas, stories, and thoughts are designed to provide a well-rounded, spiritual education. Children meet characters in faith-based stories, and  learn terminology that is used in religious circles. Text is read aloud, so children of varying abilities can enjoy the programs.

The Word "God"

There are many names for this source of love. Great Spirit, Mother/Father, Holy Creator, Allah, and many more. Most often, the program uses the word "God." Using the name God is not intended to diminish the holiness or equality of any of the other names. 


Parents initiated the creation of this program. It is intended for families who believe there is one supreme being, a Divine Presence. Before beginning We Are All Neighbors, please discuss what your family believes with regards to faith. The classes do not lead children to a certain faith path, but rather, educate as to what people in our world believe, and through that education, build empathy for one another.